Big Data Warehouse / Lake Architecture

Data warehousing entails extracting data from multiple external and internal sources/systems, integrating and then loading them into a single holistic database system or a single source of truth. Every system has its own unique way of capturing and storing data, right from the structure to the format in which it is stored. Combining raw data from multiple systems as is, is not possible and so the data has to go through an ETL (Extract Transform and Load) process. The data from all systems/sources is extracted & transformed to be able to merge with all the sources and then loaded onto the Data Warehouse.

With an increase in systems/data sources leading to an overall increase in data, storing the data to gain optimum performance, extracting insights, at the same maintaining data integrity/quality becomes extremely challenging. Storing and processing Big Data can turn out to be an extremely expensive ordeal and produce inaccurate results, if not done right. Rendering it an expensive futile exercise.

Our experienced Data Specialists & Data Scientists work closely with your organisation to understand your data and analytics requirements and accordingly use industry leading practices to design the ideal Data Warehouse / Data Lake along with the ideal ETL processes. This helps increase data integrity, reduces your overall storage capacity required, increases performance and reduces the processing costs required. Overall, impacting the quality and cost of your analytics, driving stronger business outcomes.

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