Advanced Analytics / Data Mining

Through advanced statistical / data mining techniques complex analysis of data from all your internal systems, combined with all external data sources is possible. This provides deeper, more comprehensive / accurate and valuable actionable insights into your organisation across all business units.

Predictive Analytics, a part of Advanced Analytics entails analyzing current & past data through advanced statistical techniques to help determine future trends & outcomes with an acceptable level of reliability. It provides you with a set of potential outcomes along with a probability of the outcomes.

Prescriptive Analytics, the next step in Advanced Analytics helps determine the best course of action based on the future potential outcomes determined by Predictive Analytics. It analyses all potential courses of action and corresponding potential future outcomes to recommend the most ideal course of action.

Get in touch with us to find out how Nous Analytica can help use your internal and external data to implement Advanced Analytics or what we at Nous Analytica like to call it, Decision Analytics to help make more effective business decisions in your organisation.

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