Sentiment Analytics

Nous Analytica has developed a solution that analyses publicly available online data to understand the public perception of a brand or company. What separates us from the competition is the flexibility and insight you get. As other sentiment analytic solutions have a standardized algorithm, getting accurate in-depth and relevant insight is a challenge. Nous Analytica gives our clients flexibility to customize the algorithm and the solution making it more specific to your organisation, providing more relevant insights.

Business Intelligence Reporting - Sales & People Analytics

Our client's traditional reporting consisted of manually created reports filled with inaccuracies, human errors and extremely basic metrics being monitored. We at Nous Analytica assisted our client in their journey of becoming data driven by implementing a Business Intelligence reporting solution. Self serve and live interactive dashboards built along with data from multiple systems cleaned, transformed, integrated, analysed & displayed on the dashboard for their existing and Nous Analytica derived metrics.

Customer Profiling & Segmentation - Lead Management and Analytics

Our client's biggest Sales & Marketing issue was dealing with tire kickers, impacting their conversion rates. Nous Analytica Analysed our client's customer base, to segment & identify segments of customers to achieve more targeted and refined marketing initiatives. We are also implementing a Machine Learning algorithm to help the sales team deal with their leads more effectively.

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